Five film scores that need the deluxe vinyl treatment

There are so many great companies out there doing some tremendous work with our favorite film scores and I figure it's only a matter of time before most of the major films are covered.  Until then here's my wishlist.  Make it happen!

Wayne Bell, Tobe Hooper, and various artists
I know what you're thinking and you're right, this film doesn't have too much of a score.  It's mostly a lot of guttural noises, animal calls, and strange sounds.  It still makes me feel a bit uneasy after all of these years.  There's also a few catchy country songs thrown in like Fool For a Blonde by Roy Bartlett.  The vinyl reissue would need all of these tracks along with a few bits of dialogue thrown in for good measure.

As for the record?  180g "blood sample" design.

Pino Donaggio
A creepy score from a highly underrated 70's flick. If hell had a funhouse this album would be playing there 24/7.

180g ESPurple vinyl with mannequin blue and petrifying pink splatter. 

Luis Bacalov
One of my favorite Spaghetti Westerns featuring an incredibly catchy theme song.   The list of musical credits bearing Bacalov's name could probably reach hell, it's that damn long.  It was hard to choose one, but I knew if I had to it would be Django

180g mud colored vinyl with greedy golden yellow and six shooter silver splatter.

Wojciech Kilar
Say what you will about the film but the soundtrack is killer (er, Kilar?) Wojciech's score is completely memorable and unfortunately has yet to have a decent release.  This score deserves better!

180g mist green record with blood splatter.

Riz Ortolani
I'm shocked this has yet to receive an updated release.  Out of all the italian cannibal films to get a reissue I'd have figured this one would be first in line.  It's such a beautiful score and it really does deserve a great release.

180g green inferno colored record with jungle-rot blue splatter.

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