Hallmark - Frankenstein's Monster & This is Halloween ornaments

Hallmark Ornaments are typically synonymous with Disney, Santa, and Star Wars, not Halloween, monsters, and madmen.  While the company has dabbled in a few genre items in the past this year marks their first foray into what I would consider our territory.  This week I will be reviewing four ornaments that I would consider necessities for the genre collector.  We're kickin' things off with Frankenstein's Monster and This is Halloween.

I was born into a family that collected Hallmark Ornaments, my Grandmother probably owned a few hundred at one point.  I've continued her tradition, buying a few every year to hang on my tree.  While Hallmark has catered to the film crowd since the mid 90's I've always felt some of our beloved horror characters were overlooked by the company.  Thankfully things seem to be changing.   When I first saw the images of their Frankenstein ornament I knew I had to own it.  Since opening this particular ornament it has quickly became a favorite of mine.  It's a perfect little collectible, something that can be displayed on a shelf or hung from a tree.  The sculpt is spot on and incredibly impressive for the size.

The company did a great job capturing Karloff's likeness!  I'm also a big fan of the paint choices, while I would have loved a black and white version I'm happy they went with darker colors as opposed to some of the brighter paints schemes we've seen with past Frankenstein releases.  The monster sits atop a small stone base featuring the film's logo.  I really hope this is the first in a long line of Universal Monster releases.  Make it happen Hallmark!  

Next we have This is Halloween featuring everyone's favorite stop motion Halloween enthusiast, Jack Skeleton.  This isn't the first NBX ornament Hallmark has released and as you can they've got the sculpting of this line down to a science.  While I've eyed past NBX releases, this was one I felt I had to own.  It's a nice bulky ornament featuring a memorable scene from the film, but what really pushes this into "BUY ME" territory are the lights and sounds.

With the press of a button the puke green fountain illuminates and a clip from the song This is Halloween plays.  How could one not want to own this?  This has to be one of (if not) the best NBX ornaments the company has put out.  Their ornaments have always been great but their sculpting has came such a long way over the years and their list of properties continues to grow.

We (as genre fans) are typically rabid collectors, and while I love my blu-rays and action figures it's nice to branch out and get something a bit different.  Existing Hallmark fans will be happy fleshing out their collection with new faces while those horror fanatics who've never purchased a Christmas ornament might find themselves taking their first venture into a Hallmark store.  The 2014 line is a strong one, and the best part is there's more to come!

Stay tuned, reviews for Great White Menace and Godzilla to follow!


  1. The exact two ornaments that I was going to order! They both look great! Check out the Cornelius (Planet of the Apes) ornament that's supposed to release in October:


    1. That one looks great too! The company has really knocked it out of the park this year.