Hallmark - Godzilla & Great White Menace ornaments

A few days ago I reviewed Hallmark's Frankenstein's Monster and This is Halloween ornaments, today I'm back to cover another awesome pair of ornaments, this time featuring creatures from 1975's classic Jaws and 2014's Godzilla.

The winner of this pair is clearly Great White Menace.  The company did a great job nailing the look of the animatronic beast and I can't imagine any fan of the film not wanting this hanging from their Christmas tree.  The shark is able to balance and sit on a shelf with the help of it's fins so collector's who are only interested in displaying this piece can breathe easy.  While I still favor Frankenstein's Monster I can attest that this particular ornament does feature the best paint work of the four.

I also love that Hallmark included rows and rows of teeth, they've definitely set a standard with this release.  If an excellent sculpt and paint weren't enough, with the press of a button you can hear the famous Jaws theme.

2014 saw a lot of big blockbusters, one of which was a re-imagining of one of cinema's most popular city stompers.  Yes, Godzilla has finally received his very own ornament.  While it's not bad by any means, it's definitely the weaker of the two.  Being smaller in size means it's hard to capture all of the minute details of the creature, as you can see 'Zilla is lacking some scales and paint applications that would have made this a perfect 10.  While still a fun ornament it really does pale in comparison to the perfection that is Great White Menace.

Godzilla does have a fun feature stashed away, press the button on the side of his display base and you'll hear his famous roar.

While Godzilla was lacking a bit of detail, Hallmark made up for it with their Great White Menace.  These are two must own ornaments for any monster lovin' Hallmark collector.  As mentioned with the last Hallmark review, these are also great for fans of the films looking to expand their collection of collectibles.  These can currently be purchased at any Hallmark store along with their website.  Make sure and tell'em that Cannibal Reviews sent ya!'