Neca - Cult Classics series 5 - Leatherface

Continuing with my coverage of all things Texas Chain saw Massacre I will be doing a review on what's easily the best Leatherface figure in the 7 inch scale.  Neca's Cult Classics line has been absent from shelves for years now which is a real shame.  By the fifth series (made up of Ash, Leatherface, Jigsaw, and Hannibal) the company had really hit their stride and were delivering great sculpts and highly requested characters.  This was the first time this particular version of Leatherface had been updated since McFarlane's initial Movie Maniacs release.  What we were given was a more accurate and better articulated figure with a superior sculpt.

The first thing I want to get out of the way is the additional blood on my figure, this was simply something I added myself.  The actual figure only has a few small patches of blood on his apron.  Moving on, the sculpt and paint on this guy are out of this world.  Neca did a great job capturing the character's look in the first film.  Even the minute details like the baby teeth and "mallet mark" were covered 

The included eight points of articulation are enough to get a handful of basic poses out of the figure though a few more points (especially ball joints) would have been appreciated.  Another thing I really enjoy about this release is the dead skin mask, it's a separate part of the the headsculpt and it's cast in a "rubbery" material.  It gives an additional bit of realism to the overall sculpt.  The paint detail is spot on and the figure has a handful of different washes giving the clothing a nice grimey look.  The only issue I had was with the blood, I was pretty happy with McFarlane's "ultra bloody" first series of Movie Maniacs which is why I decided to add more blood to the crazed killer's apron.  

The figures included in the Cult Classics line always included a small base, a feature I really miss.  Leatherface also included two bones, a mallet, his trusty chainsaw, and a small knife.

 If you're wanting a 7 inch Leatherface on your shelf look no further.  Neca's figure is as close to perfection as it gets and while the company is giving us a "retro" figure later this year it seems they have no real interest in updating and tooling a new sculpt.  It's unfortunate because I'd certainly be up for a Leatherface featuring their current articulation.  Make no mistakes though, if this is one of the last Leatherface toys in this particular scale than we would have ended on a high note.  This really is a fantastic figure, one that is worth every penny.