Revelation Trail

Production Year: 2013 
Release Date: 08/26/2014 
Studio: Entertainment One 
Director: John P. Gibson 

The undead take over the wild west in this 2013 mish-mash of genres. As a plague of zombies sweeps through the land a poor preacher's family pays the ultimate price, to die only to go on living as one of the walking dead.  As the small town is taken over by the marauding ghouls the preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) teams up with a local lawman (Daniel Britt,) and together the two narrowly escape town and begin to look for refuge.  Unfortunately for the duo it seems a safe place is getting harder and harder to find as the disease quickly takes hold of the land.

There's a nice juxtaposition between the preacher and the lawman, the preachers actions based solely on his religious belief while the sheriff has a firm "law of the land" attitude.  The preacher has a hard time "killing" the dead as he still sees them as people, at one point he even attempts to reason with one before putting it down.  The sheriff on the other hand would just as soon fill them full of lead than bother with any words.  The two take on a very strange partnership with the sheriff being the muscle and the preacher being the conscience.  Eventually the two do find a colony of people and what seems like a refuge, but in an old west overran by flesh hungry ghouls is any place truly safe?

I wasn't sure what to expect with this film, I went in thinking this would be typical DTV modern zombie fare, what I got was something completely unexpected.  An original take on the zombie genre, a film with a great story, believable acting, and good production value.  Revelation Trail is proof that there's still life in the zombie genre, all you need is a little bit of originality and the drive to make it happen.

Life on the Trail: The Story of the Film (39:04) - A nice little making of featurette, interviews with literally dozens of people from the primary actors to the director of photography.

My Beloved: A music video by Angry Johnny and the Killbillies (04:52) - A music video featuring clips from the film.

Revelation Fail: Bloopers, Behind the Scenes, and Outtakes (07:31) - Exactly as the title states, just a short collection of bloopers from the film.

On Location: Copper Canyon Ranch (04:06) - Copper Canyon is an old small western town where Revelation Trail was filmed.  This featurette is a short interview with the owner.

Trailer (02:23)

Every few weeks there seems to be a new DTV Zombie film hittin' shelves, as such it would be very easy to write this film off as typical zombie fare, but you'd be doing a real disservice to not just the filmmakers, but also yourself.   Revelation Trail is genuinely a good movie; a refreshing stab (or head shot) at an overly saturated subgenre.