Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 08/12/2014
Studio: Synapse Films
Director: Doug Mallette

In what's certainly one of the oddest releases of the year (in the best possibly way), Synapse Films have given film fans Worm!  Taking place in a very bleak future, people have lost the ability to dream. A company has created synthetic worms that can give it's user the vivid dreams they long for simply by dropping the worm into their ear canal.  Sounds completely safe, right?  The worms, referred to as "Fantasites," are a hit and people quickly begin fiending over them like rabid dogs.  But what are the dangers of this drug?  No real studies have been carried out, could Fantasites be completely safe?

Charles (John Ferguson) is a socially awkward maintenance man for a small apartment complex.  Extremely lonely, he becomes infatuated with two of the tenants, Reed (Shane O'Brien) and June (Reed's girlfriend; Jes Mercer).  Did I mention that all three of them are hooked on Fantasites?  Unfortunately for Charles, being a middle class maintenance worker means he cannot afford the premium version of the drug, so he begins switching his out with Reed's.  While on the drug ol' Charlie can finally envision a life where he's no longer the shy quiet one, he's loud, he's tough, he can do whatever he wants.  But those dreams soon come to a halt, fantasites are deemed deadly and outlawed by the Government.  It turns out the worms don't dissolve once they're in your head, no, they survive, feasting on the brain until the user croaks.

With such grim news one would assume Charles, Reed, and June would attempt to stop using the worms but the three are too deep in their addictions.  While the legal selling of fantasites have been stopped, lucky for them the ability to dream is just one junkie-head-smash away.  Worm is an oddball film that's carried by John Ferguson's performance.  He plays the introvert-quirky character to a tee and it's impossible to not root for Charles.  Doug Mallette has created a very strange future world, and he's done so on a very meager budget.  With such a weird and insane plot he was able to create a believability to it all, Worm is a film that does a wonderful job not just entertaining, but pulling the viewer into it's world.  It's a very well made film and one I would definitely recommend viewing.

Worm - The Short Film (07:57) - The original short film that Doug Mallette created.  The plot points are pretty much the same and it's a quick enjoyable watch.  With that said, I'm really happy Mallette decided to expand on the universe he created with this short film.

Deleted Scenes (10:40) - A collection of six deleted scenes that were trimmed from the final cut of the film.

Original Trailer #1 (01:51)

Original Trailer #2 (02:05)

Early film festival screenings spawned a lot of positivity regarding Worm and I'm happy to report it was all true.  Synapse Films have put out another solid release with a handful of nice supplements.  Worm an awkward and enthralling ride and it's well worth the price of admission.   


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