Arrow Video - City of the Living Dead Zavvi Steelbook

Back in May I shared a handful of images featuring Zavvi's upcoming limited Steelbooks courtesy of Arrow Video.  After months of anxious waiting I have finally received my City of the Living Dead steelbook and I'm here to report that it looks even better in hand than in the pictures.  This particular release has since become one of my favorite releases and it's one that I highly recommend to fan's of the Fulci classic!  Below you'll find a collection of pictures detailing the release and even comparing it to the slipcase version Arrow Video released back in 2010.  Enjoy!

*Update; There was a request for screen captures comparing Arrow's disc to Blue Undergrounds, those comparison shots can be found here.*


  1. Yeah, that's a great package alright. But not a single word on the crappy transfer of the movie.

    1. That's simply because this is just an overview of the new packaging. I didn't do a review of the disc because it's the exact same release from four years ago, though I'd be more than happy to do a full review of this disc and even do comparison screens with the Blue Underground release if you'd like ;).

    2. I have both releases and both suck unfortunately. The movie is fantastic and deserves a better transfer. If you could do comparison screens with the Blue Underground disc that would be helpful for people who are going to order one of those releases.

    3. The comparisons can be found here -