DST - Universal Monsters Select - Series 5

The arrival of Autumn is a special time of the year for the Horror fan.  Halloween, Count Chocula, new Universal Monsters toys, what's not to love!?  For the last five years Diamond Select Toys have been sure to make September a little more fun by giving fans plastic incarnations of their favorite classic monsters.  This year the company has presented us with some of the best Universal Monster toys of the last decade!  The monster from the Son of Frankenstein and the beloved gill-man from The Creature from the Black Lagoon done up in typical Select fashion; Deluxe bases, loads for articulation, and film accurate sculpts.  Also included in the line up is an original concept Van Helsing, that while technically is not a Universal Monsters Select he's still done up in a similar style and shipped with this year's wave.  Onto the figures!

If you follow me on YouTube, Facebook, or twitter, than you're probably well aware of my thoughts on these three toys.  When I say this is the best Universal Monster series Diamond Select Toys has ever released I am not exaggerating.  Any issues with past figures pertaining to sculpt, articulation, or paint are long gone. 

 Each figure features over 18 points of articulation with the Creature leading the race.  Not only does that figure have a numerous amount of joints, many are hidden thanks to the character's scales.  While on the subject of the Gill-man, he's my pick for the best of the three.  The amount of detail put into the sculpt has set a new standard for this series.  The paint application is also handled with great care, everything is finished off with a nice subtle gloss giving the Creature a "wet" look.

Frankenstein's creation is no stickler though, the likeness to Karloff is spot on and worlds better than their past release.  Not to dog on their series two monster, but it looks like a cheap knock off in comparison.  The paint application is perfect on this figure too, no real bleeding or over abundance of any kind of dark wash can be found.

Lastly Van Helsing...This figure has stirred up a bit of controversy among Universal Monster purists.  Some feel an "original concept" figure should be no where near this line.  While I see where they're coming from, I kindly disagree.  While I would have loved to see this spot filled with another official Universal character, if that wasn't in the cards than so be it.  No where on the package does it state this is a Universal Monsters character, as such I have no issues with this toy shipping with the other two figures.  To be honest original monster figures (or should I say monster hunter figures) are a thing of the past.  It's unfortunate, but it's true.  I was a huge fan of what McFarlane Toys did with their McFarlane's Monsters Line, but that was years ago.  It seems that the market has dried up for collector friendly original horror themed figures.  If Diamond Select Toys wants to give us the opportunity to purchase an original concept horror figure done up in the same style as their Select figures than more power to them.  

Personally I really dig this toy, their version of Van Helsing is loaded with weapons and ready to kill any bloodsucker in his path.  Just look at that bandoleer of stakes!  The head sculpt is excellent, there's a very large scar on the side of his face and that stoic look...This guy has seen things.  Like the other two the paint application is spot on and the articulation allows for a number of dynamic poses.
An all around great group of figures.  We horror fans are truly being spoiled!

Each figure includes a deluxe base; Frankenstein has a castle base with lab equipment, The Creature includes nice lagoon base with skeletal remains and swimming fish, and Van Helsing includes a graveyard base complete with a vampire bride bursting out of the ground!  Each base features a number of great paint apps and much like the figures they stand out as being some of the best bases we've received thus far.

The Creature's base also features a small rock formation that the figure can balance on.  You read that right, you can now make the creature swim.

As far as accessories go Van Helsing is the clear winner with a pistol, shotgun, axe, and sword.  Frankenstein's Monster includes one accessory in the form of the Burgomaster's prosthetic arm.  Nice touch Diamond Select Toys, nice touch.

Simply put, if you're a fan of Universal Monsters you need to purchase the Monster and the Creature.  If you love the monsters and dig other horror figures grab Van Helsing while you're at it.  Diamond Select Toys outdid themselves this year giving the horror community three amazing action figures.  I cannot wait to see what they have planned for next year!


  1. the creature likeness is excellent.i don't care for the round articulation points on his legs and feet but the main problem I have is the hole in his throat.it is very obvious and I don't see why it was constructed that way.because I don't display my figures in a box I was able to cover these holes with a clear,pliable glue called Omni-stick.a coating of gloss coat lacquer over the base and figure gives it the wet look I want.thanks for the tip on posing the creature so it appears to be swimming.