McFarlane Toys - TWD Comic Series 3 - Punk Rock Zombie

McFarlane's lines based upon both The Walking Dead comic and Television series have truly improved with each wave.  The latest collection of figures based on the incredibly popular comic proves that McFarlane Toys is dominating the world of 5 inch scale action figures.  I've been anticipating the release of this particular zombie since the original prototype images hit the web, I'm happy to report that not much has changed in comparison to the prototype.  To date the Punk Rock Zombie is one of the best walkers McFarlane Toys has produced.  

I'm always impressed with the amount of detail the company manages to pack into such a small action figure.  This guy has clearly been dead for a while with most of his skin slowly rotting and withering away.  The sculpt on the face is superb and the paint is excellent right down to the crazed ghoulish eyes.  The zombie was a typical punk in his past life so this toy features a lot of studs, spikes, and zippers.

This particular zombies does include a handful of removeable parts, his right arm comes off at the ball joint, the left forearm pulls off, and the top of his head/mohawk slides off to reveal a bloody skull and rotted brain.  In comparison to the first line's zombies I'm happy McFarlane Toys have dropped the more complicated action features that required levers.  Those might look cool on paper but they really didn't translate over to plastic.  Removable limbs is definitely the way to go from this point forward.

The articulation isn't quite as good as some of the other figures in the line, but 13 points are just enough to get a handful of great dynamic poses out of the figure.  Did I mention how awesome this zombie is??

The only real accessory included with the figure is an ol' beat up electric guitar, much like the zombie, the guitar also has a removable "limb."  The neck of the guitar is detachable so kids will have fun "breaking" the guitar over any undead marauder.

If my excitement over this figure wasn't obvious enough allow me to sum is up.  This is the best zombie The Walking Dead comic series has produced thus far.  There's so much fun (and grotesque) detail packed into the small zombie.  It is a must for undead enthusiasts or fans of the comic or show you.  If you're "hording" up on zombies like myself you should probably head to Toys R Us immediately.

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