Retail horrors - Halloween at Michaels

I know I'm off to a late start this year but I wanted to give the retailers adequate time to stock up before I began hounding the stores like a deranged junkie.  This year's season is definitely off to a great start with a number of new products and promotions.  The first store I scoured was Michaels, a store that's always been my "go-to" for cool Halloween swag.  While they do have a handful of off-putting "cutesy" decorations, the good always outweighs the bad.  Plus they're always having a sale, if it's not on sale you can guarantee there's a coupon available online.  Did I mention they're the world's largest Lemax retailerHow can ya' go wrong!?

This year's products are fairly eclectic from skeleton glassware to do-it-yourself craft projects.  Spooky Town has a handful of Michael's exclusive items for the 2014 season with the clear standout being Mt. Gloom Observatory, a definite must own especially at 50% off!  

Michaels has cemented it's place in my list of the best Halloween retailers, with great sales, discounts, and a variety of products it's definitely worth the trip!