The Slave

Production Year: 1969
Release Date: 09/09/2014
Studio: Mondo Macabro
Director: Pasquale Festa Campanile

*Limited to 3500 Copies*
At first glance Silvia (Haydee Politoff) seems to be an average everyday housewife.  But as you likely already know, looks can be extremely deceiving.  Underneath Silvia's calm and normal demeanor is a woman who fantasies about being enslaved in exotic locations.  Luckily for Silvia her man is recently out of the picture allowing for employment with Margaret (Rosanna Schiaffino), a very wealthy and sophisticated movie star who's unknowingly willing to give into Silvia's every desire.  Margaret treats her employees as if they were fashion accessories, she insures all of her staff are fashioned with uncomfortable high-heel shoes and requires everyone refer to her as "the mistress."

Silvia and Margaret embark on a somewhat professional relationship with Silvia training to eventually become a stand-in, acting in handful of physical scenes Margaret wants no part of.  Things take a quick turn for the bizarre once Margaret learns of Silvia's need to be utterly dominated and punished.  Silvia willingly obeys Margaret's every command becoming a scantily clad slave in a very lush and luxurious environment.

Billed as being a sex picture the sleaze present in The Slave is very subdued and never overly explicit.  While there is an abundance of nudity it never feels like it's stepping into porn territory.  It's a very beautifully lensed film with tight and professional direction.  The set decoration is extremely extravagant and the house Silvia spends most of her time in becomes a character unto itself.   While The Slave isn't for everyone fans of Italian Erotica will certainly want to track down this release.

Mondo Macabro's first high definition release looks and sounds excellent.  If the quality present in this release is any indication I think fans of the exploitation label will be in for a real treat.  The Slave was remastered from an original negative, while there are a few tiny instances of film related damage they're few and far between.  The audio is also on par with the transfer, there's no audible hiss of any sort and for the most part the Italian Mono track is free from any defects.  Overall I'm very impressed!

Interview with Roberto Curti (27:35 HD) - Curti on Campanile; The writer discusses the director's career with an emphasis on The Slave.  A lot of ground is covered in just under thirty minutes.

Interview with Justin Harries (19:09 HD) - Harries (Filmbar 70) gets into our favorite subject; Italian Cinema.

Mondo Macabro Previews (09:37 SD) - A nice mishmash of trailers from past Mondo Macabro releases.  If you're new to the label this is the perfect introduction video.

Mondo Macabro have always been one of my go-to labels for international exploitation...I have been patiently waiting for the company to make the jump to high definition.  Was it worth the wait?  Yes.  The Slave is an interesting title for the company as it's not as loud as some of their past cult releases, with that said considering the film's history and lack of a US home video release it's the perfect kind of film for this label.  The company has done a fantastic job with this release and I look forward to future blu-ray announcements, I'm personally hopin' for an Alucarda announcement!