Werewolf Rising

Production Year: 2014
Release Date: 09/22/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment (UK)
Director: BC Furtney

 Emma (Melissa Carnell) moved to the big city with dreams and high hopes, but fate had other plans for the small town girl and now she's found herself back in podunk-nowhere Arkansas tryin' her best to stay sober.  Unfortunately for the young gal sobriety is the least of her worries with two hardened criminals on the loose, and oh, did I mention the werewolf yet?  Yeah, that might cause a slight dilemma.

Emma winds up getting sweet on one of the criminals (Johnny Lee; Matt Copko) and while it's likely their relationship would have eventually flourished there was a werewolf attack and ol' Johnny Lee is now cursed with lycanthropy.  Eventually the other escapee (Rhett Bill Oberst Jr.) comes into the picture and and things start to get pretty messy.

I hate to be overly negative, I really do, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything good to say about this flick.  I guess it's nice they stuck with practical effects, but the design of the beast is pretty bad.  Bill Oberst Jr. was almost decent in his role, but he didn't have much to work with.  There's a lot of wrong here and it's hard to blame just one aspect, rather it's a nice big amalgamation of things that make Werewolf Rising a bad film.  The awkward dialogue, the lingering direction, the choppy acting.  Again, I really hate being negative, but for a film that's just over 70 minutes, Werewolf Rising was about 60 minutes too long.

Special features?  Nope.  This one is a bare bones release.

When the best part of a horror film are some aerial shots showing off some mountains in Arkansas you know you're in trouble.  Werewolf Rising?  Avoid it.


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