Evils of the Night

Production Year: 1985
Release Date: 10/14/2014
Studio: Gorgon Video
Director: Mohammed Rustam

Here's my kind of movie.  It's cheap, it's campy, it's full of sleaze.  It's clear that the crew set out to make a good horror/sci-fi romp.  Did that happen?  Not exactly.  But it's a genuinely campy fun film and hits all of the right notes, a lot of these current filmmakers who try their best to capture the whole B-move aesthetic should sit down and take a note or two.  I'm getting way ahead of myself.  Let's get into the movie, shall we?

A clan of blood harvestin' aliens land their cereal box spaceship in an Earth forest, the group need the fresh blood of humans and hire two mechanic lackeys (one of which is played by Neville Brand in his final role) to do their dirty work.  Lucky for the aliens they've landed right next to a popular lake chock-full of horny teens.  The two mechanics kidnap and kill while the aliens drain the blood from the teenager's bodies.

Bad acting and uncomfortable sex scenes will haunt your television!  The teenagers get nude and get killed (in that order), while this film isn't good it's never boring, a fun journey from beginning to end.  The back of the DVD states that it's "full of sex, lasers, synth-pop, feathered hair, bikinis, and axe-wounds," and I'd say that's a pretty accurate summary of the 85 minutes you'll witness when you pop in Evils of the Night.  

Evils of the Night - The TV cut (1:33:19) - Gorgon managed to track down the extended TV cut and stick it on the disc!  This particular version tacks on an additional 8 minutes of campy goodness, the quality is a little rough but seeing as this rare cut of the film was pulled directly from a video tape that was to be expected.

Outtakes (06:24) - Here's a little something we don't see too often with older cult titles.  The company happened upon a handful of reels featuring various outtakes, bloopers, and blunders and have made them available for your viewing pleasure.

Trailer (01:11)

Evils of the Night is not a good movie, but it doesn't need to be.  The plot is ridiculous, some of the acting is atrocious, and some of the sex scenes are borderline softcore.  The film manages to find a nice middle ground somewhere between inane and entertaining and walks that line for the full run time.  It won't change you life, but you won't change the channel.