Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks - Halloween is Here review and interview!

I've been a big fan of Lonesome Wyatt's work for years now.  Whether it's through his goth-country outings with Those Poor Bastards or his stripped down solo work, I can honestly say the man has never made a bad record.  When I heard he was working on a Halloween themed album I was pretty excited.  If there's any artist who can faithfully recreate the aesthetics of some of the Halloween story and sound effects albums of the past it's Lonesome Wyatt.

The album has 12 tracks; a nice mix of catchy songs and creepy tales.  The opening track A Time That Never Was sets the mood and is quickly followed by the foot stompin' Halloween is Here.  The tracks are all of a macabre nature but the musician manages to keep things fun and lighthearted. 

Each track does it's job encapsulating the mood of the the spook-filled (and occasionally campy) Halloween records of the past.  Of the twelve tracks the stand out is Such a Fright, a slow creepy song a man rising from the grave.  While Halloween is Here is a short listen, it's the perfect October record.  Once purchased you'll have a new yearly Halloween tradition to look forward to; playing this album loud.

Lonesome Wyatt was kind enough to answer a handful of questions for desolate readin' pleasure.

Image courtesy of Jamie Miller and www.thosepoorbastards.com

CR: Can you tell us a bit about the upcoming Those Poor Bastards album?
LW: It's like gazing into a big black hole of hopelessness. 

CR: With six full length albums and a number of EP's under your belt, has the creative process changed at all with this new album?
LW: Not really. Jesus tells me what to sing and I sing it.
CR: Behold the Abyss was a bit of a concept album that also tied into a book, was this a one time thing or can fan's look forward to more multi-layered projects in the future?
LW: Probably a one time thing but nobody knows for sure.

CR: With Halloween is Here and past Those Poor Bastards albums you've proven you can create the perfect dreadful and gloomy soundscape, have any filmmakers contacted you regarding a film score? If not, is this something you'd be open to?
LW: No they haven't. I guess it would depend upon if the film had werewolves in it or not. 

CR: Last question, as this is a horror website and Halloween is quickly approaching I feel obligated to ask, what are some of your favorite horror films to watch during this time of year?
LW: I'm awful partial to Gremlins and Vincent Price movies.
You can currently pre-order Vicious Losers here, the album hits stores October 7th.

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