The Devil Incarnate

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 10/07/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: L. Gustavo Cooper

Holly (Graci Carli) and Trevor (Rod Luzzi) are in the midst of post-marital bliss doing the things that most recently married couples do; decorating their new house, throwing parties, having demonic visions, the normal stuff.  Okay, that last one isn't exactly normal.   Maybe we should start at the beginning.  Things for the couple were semi-normal until Holly visits a local psychic who has a demonic meltdown.  Shortly after Holly and Trevor find out that a baby is on the way.  Recently married, new house, expecting wife, things should be on the up and up for the young couple, but unfortunately it seems that the women in Holly's family need a nice exorcism to accompany a pregnancy.

Crazed visions, talking in tongues, animal killings, I think it's safe to say Holly isn't exactly taking to pregnancy like most women.  Or maybe there's something a little more devilish at play?  The Devil Incarnate mixes mediums creating a possession flick with a found footage twist.  While it's something that's been done before (and done better) it's a bit refreshing when mixed in with the abundance of found footage horror as of late.  As far as the paranormal/possession genre goes, this film isn't breaking any new ground.  While the story is so-so, it is a fairly well made movie with competent direction, I think Cooper has a definite future in the genre.

Nothing to see here folks, not so much as a trailer. 

With an average plot and decent direction The Devil Incarnate is likely to please fans of the possession subgenre, unfortunately the DVD is bare bones and is in definite need of a few special features.  While I wouldn't recommend buying the film, I'd say it's worth a rental.  It would make a nice addition to one's October long horror-thon.