Production Year: 2014
Release Date: 10/28/2014
Studio: Dark Sky Films
Director: Antonio Tublen

Well, this is probably one of the strangest films I've viewed this year.  LFO is the definition of a mind-fuck movie.  The extremely lonely Robert (Patrik Karlson) is wasting away constantly fiddling with his collection of synthesizers experimenting with the effects electronic sounds have on the mind.  One day Robert discovers a sound wave that can actually make people do his bidding.  Does Robert  Take his groundbreaking discovery to the proper authority for the better good?  No, he decides to experiment this new found power on his new neighbors (Linn; Izabella Jo Tschig and Simon;Per Lofberg).  The two do his every bidding from sex to cleaning, they're literally helpless while under Robert's control.

Oh, but the movie doesn't stop there, there are some very strange twists and turns along the way.  Robert is constantly haunted by visions of a berating wife, he's being stalked by a man who wants to steal his domineering discovery, and the police eventually begin to visit the amateur scientist.  The more power the man gains over other people, the further he descends into madness.  LFO is a strange, claustrophobic trip.

There are a few interesting things to note with this film.  LFO joins a prestigious groLFO to be an extremely interesting film.  With the barrage of direct to video modern schlock, it's always nice to find a film that has something to say and LFO is speaking with a barbed tongue.
up of great films that almost entirely take place in one location.  It takes a daring director and and an interesting idea to pull this sort of thing off, but Antonio Tublen does a marvelous job.  The other nice aspect of this film is the score.  It's very subtle, some of it made up of beeps, buzzes, and other strange synthy noises.  Very fitting considering the subject matter.  Overall I found

Behind the Scenes (15:25) - Just a short typical behind the scenes featurette with interviews from the cast and crew.

Trailer (1:31)

If you're in the mood for for an odd claustrophobic film LFO is the way to go.  Great direction, an original story, and an oddly humorous conclusion.


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