Neca - Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Retro Leatherface

NECA continues with their retro line giving everyone's favorite cannibal killer the Mego treatment.  I've been a big supporter of this line in the past and after their recent releases I don't see that changing any time soon.  Even with a few minor paint issues this Leatherface is still a very solid release!

Reusing the head from the Cult Classics series 5 Leatherface, the company doesn't quite meet the standard set forth by McFarlane's 18 inch incarnation, but it's damn close.  Neca did an excellent job capturing the crazed look 'Face has before cuttin' into poor 'ol Franklin.  While it's not perfection, at this scale it's the best looking sculpt thus far.

This retro figure utilizes the "type 2" retro body which features an additional two points of articulation at the bicep (for a total of  16 POA).  Two measly points might not sound great on paper, but it does actually provide us with a number of options when it comes to posing the killer with his weapon of choice.

Paint is where I'm forced to knock off a point or two.  On my particular figure the eyebrows are completely off center, there's also a complete lack of paint on the arms which is very jarring and noticeable.  Other than those two issues things are pretty copacetic.  The paint on Leatherface's mask is great, featuring that perfect shade of decayed skin tone.  

Another thing I've spoke highly of in the past has been the quality of the clothing.  It's really hard to get the look of clothing just right at this scale, but Neca is slowly nearing perfection.  Sure, there's the occasional issue of collars standing up, or fabric bunching up around the joints, but when I compare these recent figures to the initial run of Freddy and Jason there's definitely been a number of improvements.

Leatherface includes his trusty chainsaw and hippie mallet.  I do want to note that the company has made a few improvements to the chainsaw, it now features removable handles and is made of a less brittle plastic.

Love 'em or hate 'em one thing is for sure, with this new line of Retro figures the idea of finally getting those much yearned for Jason, Michael, and Leatherface variations is starting to seem like less of a pipe dream.  With the Crimson Ghost and Snake Plissken hitting shelves soon and a new Freddy and Jason announced for 2015 this line shows no signs of slowing down.  I say bring'em on!  

While I have had a few minor issues with some of these releases my feelings towards them has been mostly positive.  I love this Leatherface and I think it's a solid action figure.  He is a must own for fans of the 'Saw!

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