At the Devil's Door

Production Year: 2014
Release Date: 12/16/2014
Studio: IFC
Director: Nicholas McCarthy

It's California, it's the 80's, and a poor girl has just agreed to sell her soul to the Devil.  Decades later a real estate agent named Leigh (Catalina Sandino Moreno) is attempting to sell the property that this young girl once called home.  The current owners happen seem oddly anxious to get rid of the place, could it have something to do with their missing now daughter?  Maybe the answers are wrapped up in that big wad of money the real estate agent found hidden in a dresser drawer.

Leigh is working on selling this mysterious home and runs into a very strange teen that used to live there.  This mysterious encounter could have dire consequences for the woman as number of really odd occurrences begin to stack up.  It quickly becomes clear things aren't as they seem.  Is a demonic force to blame?

At the Devil's Door is a very hard film to review without giving away a number of crucial plot twists.  At it's heart the film is about three different women who are being stalked by the same demonic entity.  The first girl has intentionally bargained with the creature, the second (Leigh) becomes intertwined when she agrees to sell a property, and lastly Leigh's sister (Vera; Naya Rivera) could very well be destined to encounter the dangerous entity.

Overall I was very impressed with the film, I felt it had a few genuine jumps, tight direction, and a cool looking monster!  I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of the film but I found it to be an interesting (and refreshing) taking on the paranormal/demonic possession subgenre.  Ashley Rickards portrays the young girl who made a pact with the demon, while her role is brief, she has a strong screen presence and I hope to see her in more future genre films.

Commentary with Writer/Director Nicholas McCarthy

Speaking of the Devil the Making of At the Devil's Door (18:03) - A solid making of featurette featuring interviews with the Writer/Director Nicholas McCarthy, and a few of the actresses.

Deleted Scenes with optional Nicholas McCarthy commentary (11:38) - Six deleted scenes that were ultimately trimmed from the film for pacing reasons, included is an alternative ending.

Trailer (02:31)

At the Devil's Door is a definite winner for IFC Midnight, we have a great horror flick with a competent director at the helm and a handful of nice supplements.  If you've grown weary of the modern paranormal film I'd suggest you give this film a shot, I have a feeling you'll be pretty impressed!


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