DST - Jay and Silent Bob Select Figures

Hollywood's favorite pot dealin' duo have returned (in plastic form) thanks to the fine folks over at Diamond Select Toys.  These two Select figures are the first in a line of View Askew merchandise featuring banks, Mego-inspired collectibles, Minimates, and a slew of other collectibles.  

Diamond Select Toys has shown a lot of growth over the last few years, 2014's Universal Monsters series was one of my favorite lines of the year.  With this two figure series the company is set to prove that they have a lot to offer toy collectors in 2015.  These are two great looking figures.  The likeness to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes is certainly there along with a decent amount of articulation.

Each figure include an alternative head, you can choose between a more stoic look or a more exaggerated facial expression.  I've found with Silent Bob the funny expression captures the director/actor's likeness better, with Jay I feel the stoic expression is the way to go.

Paint on the two is almost solid with only a little bleeding here and there, each figure includes over 15 points of articulation which is more than generous for a pair of stoners who essentially just stand in front of a convenience store.  A must for fans of the View Askew films!

Each figure includes a handful of accessories along with a plastic base and a cardboard backdrop.  When you get both figures you can recreate part of the famous RST Video store.  I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed to discover part of the display was cardboard.  Once I got the display set up most of my disappointment diminished, the cardboard used is thick and has a quality design.  Each figure includes a set of stickers for the display (the RST logo), and when it's all said the base makes an excellent display piece.  

Each figure includes an additional head, hand (with cigarette), Pot dealer's license, and Jay also includes a Nails Cigarette package that's loaded with joints.

I believe this is the first real "human" figures from the company that I've received.  I have to say I'm impressed.  The likeness, sculpt, and paint are superb and the accessories and bases show a definite attention to detail.  Diamond Select Toys have officially kicked off 2015 with a bang and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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