Figma - Flyboy action figure review!

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead is arguably one of the best horror flicks of the 70's and it's no surprise that there's been a ton of inspired merchandise released over the years.  Funny considering the film's central theme, fan's have been spoiled with dozens of t-shirts, shot glasses, key chains, and more.  Surprisingly however, the number of action figures based on the film are few and far between.  In the 90's Reds Toys provided fans with four figures (Bald Head Zombie, Motorcycle Rider, Stephen, and Hatchet Head Zombie.)  Years later Neca would give Romero's zombie opus a shot with their cult classics line which eventually produced figures for Flyboy, the Hare Krishna Zombie, and the Plaid Shirt Zombie.  Unfortunately things dried up soon after, thankfully the Japanese company Figma has picked up the slack.

Figma is a Japanese company known for producing some of the best looking, highly articulated action figures on the market.  Their announcement of a figure based off of Dawn of the Dead was certainly a surprise as the company mostly specializes in licenses based off of Anime and Video Game characters.  The company certainly did not let down with this 2014 release, Flyboy looks amazing!

The likeness is truly spot on, incredible for a smaller 1/12th scale figure.  They managed to capture every visible detail of the character from the messy hair to the bite wounds.  The paintwork is also great, the blood is the perfect shade of red; the skin blue with hints of gray.  Sporting over a dozen ball joints there's also an incredibly wide range of movement possible allowing for a number of poses.

As a collector used to companies who value sculpt over articulation it was nice to see a figure that not only has a great a likeness, but also a number of joints allowing for a wide range of movement without littering the sculpt with ugly joints.  This really is toy perfection. 

Yet another strong category for Figma.  Each figure includes a number of accessories from weapons to alternative heads and hands.  Flyboy includes an alternative head that allows for the attachment of a "blood splatter" accessory to recreate the characters (second) death.  The blood splatter piece can also be attached to other parts of the figure such as the elbow, wrist, or leg thanks to a few included clear pegs.  Also included are seven additional hand options, Stephen's gun, machete, an articulated stand to help with poses, and lastly the coolest (and oddest) accessory is an additional head featuring the "machete" zombie's likeness.

Pretty damn cool, eh!?  I'm more than willing to throw down some cash on a generic Figma body (assuming something like that's available) so I can display character next to Flyboy!

So which is better?  Neca's Flyboy or Figmas?  I think a big part of it comes down to preference, I can imagine the scale and price will turn off a few fans.  While I'd have preferred a larger scale, I have to say Figma's release is extremely impressive.  Both releases have terrific sculpts, but Figma easily surpasses Neca in the articulation, paint, and accessory categories.  

Figma is the clear winner in my book, this is a definite must buy for Dawn of the Dead aficionados!