Funko Pop! - Universal Monsters

Have you had a chance to pick up any of Funko's new Universal Monsters Pop! collectibles?  If not you're really missing out.  Today I'll be doing a  review of four of the releases from this series, The Mummy, The Wolfman, The Creature, and The Phantom. 

Funko's Pop! line has became extremely popular over the last year, you can now walk into most major department stores and find a section dedicated to the collectibles.  I was extremely excited for Funko's Universal Monsters offerings and I'm happy to report that they do not let down.

Keep in mind this is just a small sample of the line (Frankenstein's Monster, The Bride, Dracula, and Metaluna Mutant are also available), but so far every figure I've picked up has been fantastic in terms of sculpt and paint.  The stylistic approach the company takes might not be for every fan; taking fearsome creatures from classic films and shrinking them down to big-headed, exaggerated, caricatures.  For fans of both Universal Monsters and Funko, you're certainly in for a treat!

The paint and sculpting on these collectibles is spot on, there's a great use of bright colors and shading that really help in accentuating the over-the-top face sculpts.  Like with past releases there's only one point of articulation with a joint on the neck to allow movement of the head.

I really can't say enough positive things about these vinyl figures, Funko Pop! has truly outdid themselves.  

Monster fans rejoice, we have another company doing fantastic things with the Universal Monsters likeness.  While there are some releases (The Creature) that are visually more interesting looking than others (Dracula), I can't think of one negative thing to say about this line.  These can currently be found in your favorite Funko-friendly retailer and come highly recommended!