Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015 recap

What a crazy few months it's been!  In late March I was sent to Albuquerque, New Mexico to assist in the start up of a new campaign (fancy call-center lingo.)  What was supposed to be a short two week stint turned into a 7 week excursion.  Now, months later I'm a few weeks shy of leaving my safe home of Oklahoma and officially becoming a New Mexico denizen.  While I loved my time spent in New Mexico on business I feared my Texas Frightmare Weekend plans would get scrapped due to my hectic schedule.  Thankfully I got the weekend off last minute and made the 12 hour trek to Dallas, Texas as soon as work ended Friday evening.

The trip was pretty crazy, my initial hotel room in Abilene, TX (a city that's not quite as pristine as the song would leave you to believe) was canceled.  I scrambled around the small town trying to find a hotel with vacancy and ended up at a placed called "Royal Inn."  I could go on and on about how creepy and dirty the room was, the weird noises and random knocks at the door, but I leave that to your vivid imagination.

I finally made it to the convention 'round noon the following day.  I've been to nine of the (now) ten Frightmare Weekends and I can honestly say this year's would rank pretty high up there.  Loyd Cryer and his Frightmare crew bust their asses to bring the south one of the best conventions in the region.  Every year it gets a little bigger as hundreds of rabid fans pile into the fancy hotel in hopes of meeting some of horror's biggest actors and directors.

This year the convention gave fans the opportunity to meet some of the cast from the first Scream film, with Neve Campbell making her very first convention appearance with her Scream cohort Skeet Ulrich.  Con regulars Elvira, Brad Douriff, Edwin Neal, and a few dozen others also made an appearance.

Fans came dressed like their favorite slashers, money quickly vanished from wallets due to the numerous vendors, and gallons of (slightly overpriced) beer would eventually get consumed.  It was a fun day and I'm jealous of those who spent the weekend at the Hyatt.  Maybe I can spoil myself next year and get a room at the regency.  I want to thank and congratulate those who make the Texas Frightmare Weekend possible, ten is a big number and I hope to be there for the 20th anniversary as well!

Below you'll find a haul video and a handful of pictures, enjoy!

Yours truly with TCM's very own Hitchhiker!

Just a creepy little abandoned building I drove by on the way home.