Halloween at Yankee Candle (2015)

If that cool breeze isn't enough of an indication that Halloween is getting closer and closer than Yankee Candle's annual Witches Ball should have been a dead giveaway.  Every year Yankee Candle adds to their Boney Bunch collection, a series of small skeleton-themed collectibles.  They range in price and style; everything from bride & groom to tart warmers.  Suffice it to say there's definitely something to please every fan of the Halloween season.

This year was my first time attending the event.  Unfortunately I got off to a late start thanks to a broken phone, but thankfully there were plenty of products to go around.  While some of the other local retailers have had a few Halloween items trickling out, this was my first big Halloween "experience" of the year, and it was definitely worth having to trek through a busy mall.

The employees were all in costume and huge displays featuring the Boney Bunch along with other Halloween related items were front and center.

So I'm sure you're curious what I walked away with, I grabbed a handful of the tart warmer scents, a tart warmer cauldron, and as I spent $35 I grabbed the $10 Boney Bunch candy bowl.  A pretty nice haul if I do say so myself.

If you attended the event feel free to shoot me an email with pictures and you could be featured in an upcoming post!