Halloween at Cost Plus World Market!

Okay folks, now is the time to get your ass to the Cost Plus World Market!  Over the last few weeks I've been to Michaels, Spirit, Party Galaxy, and a number of other stores, while each place had a plethora of Halloween merchandise, nothing really compares to the World Market.  So what do they have that's so special?  While they have a number of your typical Halloween items, it's the licensed Universal Monsters merchandise that really makes a trip to this place a worthwhile excursion!

Five awesome Halloween foods you can get now!

This time of the year is amazing for a few reasons, the cool crisp air, the influx of horror-related items, and of coarse the great food!

I'll cover Cost Plus World Market's awesome selection of Halloween merchandise a future update, for now we'll concentrate on their officially licensed Halloween snacks!  Creature from the Black Lagoon lollipops, Frankenbites, softdrinks, and more!  Universal Monsters fan will certainly want to make their way to Cost Plus immediately.