Five awesome Halloween foods you can get now!

This time of the year is amazing for a few reasons, the cool crisp air, the influx of horror-related items, and of coarse the great food!

I'll cover Cost Plus World Market's awesome selection of Halloween merchandise a future update, for now we'll concentrate on their officially licensed Halloween snacks!  Creature from the Black Lagoon lollipops, Frankenbites, softdrinks, and more!  Universal Monsters fan will certainly want to make their way to Cost Plus immediately.  

....Who can say "no" to those fantastic lookin' drinks?  Frankenstein's Monster Green-Apple soda is that perfect shade of Re-Animator green!

One of the more "talked about" foods of the season is Burger King's black Halloween whopper.

Also available is their new Oreo Pumpkin shake.  Definitely the perfect combo!

I'd never been to Panera Bread before, but as I was hungry and in the area I figured I'd stop by and see if they have any seasonal foods.  Sure enough they had a Pumpkin Pie Bagel, and yes, it was exactly as good as it sounded.

Returning once again are General Mills' Monster Cereals!  Count Chocula is joined by Booberry and  Frankenberry.  If you're lucky enough to track these down at Target you'll have the opportunity to turn an ordinary cereal box into a haunted mansion thanks to Target's exclusive spooky boxes!

Last (but certainly not least) is Johnny Rockets' Goosebumps themed milkshake!  Remember having Dirt 'n Worms as a kid?  This is essentially that dessert in shake form. 

While the real thing is quite as picturesque as the promo images, the drink is fuckin' delicious and a must have treat for the Halloween season.  If the upcoming film is half as good as the shake millennials will be in for somethin' special!